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Walk-ins are welcomed; however making a reservation prior to attending is strongly advised. Please call us at 604-285-6085 to make a booking.

Players are recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the reserved time. 10-15 minutes will be used for administrative paperwork and briefing prior to entering the game room. If for any reason players delay past the start of the reservation, time may be deducted off the allotted game-time.

Bookings made without meeting the maximum amount of players, the group will have a chance to play with other player(s) jointly.

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1 BONUS HINT  when the entire group checks in on Facebook upon arrival!**

Xcape with a Twist

Haunted Xcape - The Torture
No. of Players: 4 - 10
60 Minutes
Scary Factor:

You and your friends were bored one night and one of you suggested to play the Ouija Board. Halfway through the game, things got out of control & everyone went into the portal that connects to the World of Afterlife. Soon you realized spirits are making contacts with you. Trying to
Xcape the Afterlife, you got to know some history of the spirits there. However all of you are stuck and can’t get back to your world. The only thing you know is that If you don't Xcape the World of Afterlife in an hour, you'll end up like the rest.

BONUS: Secret prize for the fastest Xcape team of the day!

These are not the ordinary escape the room games that players can escape the room simply by solving all the puzzles and riddles. Players are expected to solve the mystery and find out the hidden truth in order to accomplish the mission given in each story plot. This is an unique escape the room experience that you will not find anywhere in the world. Are you up for the challenge?